Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Divine Textiles and another reason to love LA..Hollywood at Home

Today I had lunch with one of my favorite people in the world - Lisa Borgnes Giramonti of A Bloomsbury Life and she turned me on to a fabulous LA fabric store -Hollywood at Home ..Home to Peter Dunham Textiles-
I have been desperately searching for the perfect pillow to get that Capri Valentino look or the look below and low and behold John Robshaw had it all! I especially fell in love with the fabrics  from Martyn Lawrence Bullard  and then to find out that not only are his fabrics brilliant but that he is the talented designer behind all of the images below blew me away! 

Yes I know I have already posted the image below once but only because it moves me! Martyn Lawrence Bullard 

MAJOR! Martyn Lawrence Bullard 

Yes to anything that feels like India right now!Martyn Lawrence Bullard 

Love the cabinets and window treatments Martyn Lawrence Bullard 

Lisa Fine Textiles below - WOW!

Carolina Irving at Home and her textiles are amazing at John Robshaw

And here is a little funny story - Lisa and I were driving and I saw a women in a car in the passenger's seat  with a fabulous blouse on and   I couldn't help myself when we pulled up next to her at a red light I asked if they could roll down the window (which they kind of paused ) and asked her who her shirt was by  "Dries Van Noten" She said and then I recognized her - It was Jaclyn Smith looking AMAZING! To bad it wasn't KMART.


  1. I love that story of you at the traffic lights at the end - that is totally something I would do and my partner would be soooo embarrassed! tee hee. Great fabrics, too.

  2. Only in L.A., right?! What a fun story!

  3. hahah I love this story! good thing you asked! :-) although funny thing i was reading on the budget babe that kmart actually has some cute stuff for fall coming haven't seen it yet... I know its Kmart... so expectations not too high.

  4. Gorgeous ! Jaclyn also did a fabric line for Fabricut.

  5. i think you meant hollywood at home - peter dunham. thats who sells all of these fabrics.