Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flowers that scream I'm Rich

How much fun would this be?

The fluffier is better!

There is nothing more divine than driving through the streets of East Hampton to find house after house with perfectly bushy  Hydranga plants - it screams Rich! As a new gardener (and a clueless one at that) I had no idea that you have to replant your flowers every year. So I am going for the gold unless you can suggest otherwise. Big and fluffy suggestions please. XO Suze


  1. Not all flowers have to be replanted each year. Hydrangas are actually annuals, and they bloom each year, no re-planting required! And if you are a big and fluffy kind of girl peonies don't require replanting either ;)
    It's almost the end of hydranga season in New England and I'm hoping to scoop up some 1/2 price ones! They are no longer flowering but you can plant them until the first frost and they'll bloom next year :)

  2. Actually, hydrangeas are perennials, not annuals. Perennials are plants that come back every year and have to be planted once. Annuals are plants that you buy every year and replant every year, such as those that you would put in flower pots, or flower boxes.

    Best of luck with planting, I think hydrangeas are beautiful!


  3. I know little about gardening. I remember Isola Bella though in Lago Maggiore. Look it up..I would draw inspiration from there ..white peacocks..or did I dream that?

  4. Azaleas! BIG WHITE ONES!

  5. Hi. I'd like to place a delivery. Oh, and can you please use the side door. hydrangeas never get that big - I wish!

  6. hydrangeas are fab because you can change the colour from pink to blue by changing the pH of the soil :) those in the pic are amazing!

  7. That maze is beyond fabulous! I could stare at it all day (if I had the time!) and yes, the hydrangeas in the Hamptons are a good as they come! Great images.

  8. Would love a bed like this, love the hydangeas feeling, great picture at the absolute right time.