Saturday, July 11, 2015

Kitchen Renovation Meditation

 Breathing in it's going to look fabulous! 
Doris Day's Kitchen
Doris Day was so  happy in hers and mine looked the same but I just couldn't find the love. Since the day I moved into this house, I have been secretly plotting to destroy this kitchen. My husband finally gave me the green light and so before I even had a plan I ripped it up the next day. There is no turning back now!  I am pulling it together on the fly and I am so excited! The concept is this below.

Something like this but not this:
White cabinets, white beveled subway tile , white Carrera countertop with waterfall and pale gray floor tile.
Unfortunately, I have to buy a pinball machine and put it in the living room as payback and keep the Go Rangers welcome mat but I think it is a fair exchange.
So fellow dwellers with taste - any good advice. Help. 


  1. Suze, so happy to read your posts. Love the white cabinets and subway tile. love this blog. can't wait to see the transformation!!

  2. If Doris Day can’t model a kitchen, nobody can. What a treat to see her! I enjoyed hearing about your meditation to give good vibes to the whole kitchen building thing. I can see it; some people pray, so it just makes good sense. The all white kitchen is show stopping. Positive thoughts now!

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement

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