Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sharing News My Next Project

I am so excited to share with you my next big adventure. I have just signed on to be an Open Sky curator which means that every week I will post a short video showing the thing I can't live without.  I am  hand picking every item so you will only see the things I think are worthy to be shared or that I think every woman should own. You can see by my inspiration board what my taste level is. I hope you like it and I would be forever grateful if you would share this link on Facebook or Twitter or your blog and follow me.  I personally own everything I will show. 
Would LOVE to hear your feedback . XO Suze


  1. What a cool new project! I can't wait to see!

  2. Wow, what a great "gig"! Good for you, thats so exciting!!!!! ... I love a really good mood board, and secretly i wish there was a job out there, where i could do moldboards for a living... :) oh, that's right... my blog! :)

    Will follow along for sure! Good Luck.

  3. PS. just checked out the link... cute picture.... ;)

  4. Fabulous collection of images on your mood board! And, fun to see a photo of my mother included (she's wearing the large earrings (it's one of many ads she did for Monet jewelry).