Friday, January 6, 2012


Found this great story VIA TREND HUNTER  and I have to say BRAVO! Finally someone who cares about ceiling fans. Can't wait to see these in homes. Which one is your favorite?
The Ribbon Ceiling Fan 
The Loft Wing Ceiling Fan Harks Back to Olden Days

Deceiving Pendant Lights

The Mistral Ceiling Fan Both Illuminates and Cools

Sycamore Blade Ceiling Fan

Car Wash-Inspired Lighting

Dervish Ceiling Fan Lamp by Philippe Malouin 


  1. they are fab....
    now would someone peal me a grape??

  2. I'm in Dallas so I care very much about ceiling fans! Ours work great, but are so boring. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great!!!
    This is really awesome ceiling fans and very traditional also. You can also get different types of ceiling fans like Minka Ceiling fans Outdoor Ceiling Fans Hugger Ceiling Fans

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  5. Those are the most unique ceiling fans I’ve ever seen. Are you planning to get one of them? I have my eye for that loft-wing ceiling fan, but I bet they wouldn’t cost the same as the regular ceiling fan. Do you happen to know how much they are? Staci @

  6. Good informative post. You have got good collection of designer ceiling fans.Thanks for shring this information with us.

  7. thanks for the tips and information..i really appreciate it..
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  8. Amazing collection of unique and original ceiling fans. I love the Philippe Malouin but I know his was a limited addition. I resently started looking for an interesting fan. Are you representing his or any of the others? Do you have any information that you can share with me?

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