Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Off Topic

I try and stay away from fashion and what I do on a day to day but had to share this one. I am going to be a judge on the Miss USA competition this Sunday and I get one question. What would you ask?


  1. What fun! Ask them their opinion on the state of plastic surgery gone wild...ala Heidi of the Hills...this is so sad, clearly a back lash is coming? Last week's NYT Style section seems to think so, fingers crossed they are right!

  2. hmmm, thats a hard one!
    ask them what they think the most important quality to have as a person is?
    If this in on over here in australia i am so going to watch it & try to catch a glimpse of you! Have fun!

  3. Well, you know me. I'd ask something about the importance of opera... specifically, what to wear to the opera...
    ok ok you know I'm kidding here.
    Do you want them to choose between two things, or solve some sort of world problem, or reveal something about themselves? Figure out what answer you want and maybe that will help you figure out your question.

  4. why do they think that today it is OK for them to pose almost naked on a magazine but back in the day the crown was taken from gorgeous Vanessa Williams for doing the same?
    PS... have fun and will be watching for you!!!

  5. so im in australia & i dont think it has been broadcast here yet (i did see curtis stone was co hosting though!) so my question is - what question did you ask!