Saturday, May 22, 2010

Better Off Clashing

I am totally over my matching diningroom chairs it just feels so passe no? I like the idea of clashing your chairs on purpose - It's much more interesting visually although casual. I never like to entertain formally it's just not as much fun. What's your take on it?

Via Elle Decor by Jeffrey Bilhuber
Elle Decor October 08 by Vincent Wolf
Coco + Kelly
Via Nest Egg
Elle Decor Chez SJP


  1. I like the look of the chairs at the head of the table being different. I also like the look in the last photo with different chairs all painted and upholsterd the same. I don't think I could sell this idea to my very traditional husband though. It's taken me years to convince him that a house full of white wall isn't the height of style. LOL!

  2. LOVE non-matching chairs. Just as it's a no-no to wear head-to-toe designer wear, I think it should be a "don't" to have all the same chairs. It's just such a waste of a design opportunity, no?

    I think different chairs at a table are like guests at a dinner party: what stamps the night with distinction is the unique personality of each one.

    Did you see I mentioned you in my recent shoe post? xx

  3. It's so funny because I had mismatched chairs in my last house and when we moved into our new house, my parents "gifted" us their old dining room set. So I'm busy trying to figure out how to break it all up! I definitely prefer a mix.

    I'm just finding your blog - I love the name!!! I'm having a really great giveaway on my blog so please stop by if you have time. (It's a really good one!) :)

  4. LOVE these comments - Lisa you are the best!!!!! Right Bank just checked out your blog - sooo great and really appreciate your comments Karen.