Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wood Stock

A while back I wrote a blog on what to do whith a non working fireplace (click here). This morning, when I read Hall Ready (one of my favorite blogs) I had a major moment - had to share. PS - Warning if you click on Hall Ready you will never want to leave.

All Images Via Hall Ready

Photos: My Scandinavian Retreat, The Style Files, House of Images, Living at Home, Purple Area, Martyn Thompson, Hilton, Melbourne Australia.


  1. I love seeing a fireplace filled with wood like that. I always want to try that out in my own place, but during these months we actually use it so it's not option.

    I've also seen it done with books and it looks great.

    Oh also replied below to your jewelry storage quest!

  2. Thank you High - Heeled Foot in the door! Love your comments.

  3. No problem!

    Suze if you send me pictures of the room where you want to hang your jewerly I would be honored to pick out some fabric make you a board and send it your way!

    If you like you can reach me at

  4. Thank you HHFID - I am sooooo interested will contact you next week. Suze