Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How To Store Necklaces

I have so many necklaces and need to come up with some fabulous storage solution thoughts?

Via Little Loveables


  1. Depending on your space I would either simply hang them on the wall indivually like Mrs. Lilien does. It looks so chic against a white wall. http://www.mrslilien.com/themrs.html

    I would love to do this in my house, but alas the husband says a big no to that one.

    I have a vanity and in it I have small little bowls/dishes (normally onsale from Anthro for around $3 each) and I place my earrings/rings in there.

    Then behind my bedroom door I have a simply corkboard with the framing painted, fabric placed onto of the cork, ribbon trim to cover the seems from the fabric to the wood frame. A couple or ok many clear push pins and I hang all my necklaces on that as well as belts.

    It's great because it's all out in the open so I wear things more often and when my bedroom door is open it's all hidden.

    I make them for clients all the time and they always love them and get compliments!

  2. Dying to see this!!!!! Suze