Monday, April 16, 2012

The Perfect Drape length

There is nothing worse than drapes that are too short - it's like wearing pants that are too short aka floods.  Drapes should not only touch the floor but puddle a little or at least break. So that being said there is an interior tragedy going on in my rental fully furnished bedroom. The first is that it is getting harder for me to wake up and look at the furniture and secondly the curtains are literally shredding from sun damage. I would like to find perfect white silk curtains that are lined but not so expensive that I feel badly about leaving them behind when I move. I found the perfect ones by Silk Trading Company but they took way to long to get. Any suggestions.? I love Green curtains more than anything but sadly it won't work in this house.  Love these drapes below.

Via Elle Decor

The perfect length below  Image Via Elle Decor 


  1. You should check out drapes at JCP. I know they have a silk or at least a silk imitation version and they come in a lot of different lengths. They are definitely good for the price.

    1. Really - never thought of that will check it out. Suze

  2. Ahhh thank you for this. It's been driving me nuts not knowing if my drapes were laying properly.

    As for curtains, I found most of mine on Modcloth,, and Etsy. Lots and lots of searching to find the right ones.

  3. Try Half Price Drapes -- the "Faux Taffeta" option. They worked as a temporary solution for me!! And they are inexpensive to boot!