Monday, November 21, 2011

Casa Carlo Mollino DIVINO!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bathroom - BEYOND! This Image was taken by my friend Sergio Corvacho (who always inspires me) at Casa Carlo Mollino  (Italian Architect/ Designer/ Photographer) which he has totally turned me on to. He just was there to shoot a major ad campaign. 
Image from  Australian Vogue Living March/ April 2008 Via HERE
Not sure what the clam shells are for since they are so low but I would love sinks like this!  I'll take the room - DRAMARAMA
 Image from Australian Vogue Living March/ April 2008 Via HERE A framed fireplace is chicer than chic
Image from Australian Vogue Living March/ April 2008 Via HERE so Euro

Image Via Patricia Gray


  1. Hy SYS!!!! Man, you really loved this house! In fact, it's a second floor apartment, that has the same, or almost the same configuration to your NY apartment, with the difference that he covered the walls entirely in leopard, mirror, and ocre color velvet, etc... It was beyond, beyond good taste!!!!

  2. Gahhh that last sofa has me swooning!

  3. I like plain tiles in bathroom. Otherwise it looks too cluttered