Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Breast (not a typo) Present Ever! Had to Share!

Finding out a friend or family member has breast cancer is not only incredibly upsetting it is a behavioral  challenge. What do you do? How do you talk about it or show your support with out feeling uncomfortable or putting your foot in your mouth? Finally a gift that is not only incredibly thoughtful but absolutely perfect and shows that you care. Created by my friend Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson's who underwent a double mastectomy the  BFFL (Best Friends for Life) Bag.   . 

The BFFL  Bag was created to enhance the patient experience. Meant to take to the hospital this bag has it all

Retail price $99.00 with 15% of the net profits will go to  


  1. This is is hard to know what to do, this is a start.

  2. o wow this is such a gr8 idea!!!