Friday, July 15, 2011

Fashion on my mind.. My favorite stylist of all time!

Lately I have had fashion on the brain - sorry Home eeys.  Since I have no magazine affiliation anymore I can confess to my favorite stylist of all time - It is Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele! She has a style all of her own  and can use accessories like no one else EVER has. She is totally fearless. When I worked at Vogue I used to hide in the closet pretending to bubble wrap earrings while I watched her make magic. I was an accessories associate and she could never get enough. We would cross our fingers when the film came in it was always Carlyne who came back with all the credits! The other stylists would use and earring or a bracelet and expect us to be grateful when we had called in enough to fill the first floor of Bergdorfs, but Carlyne would shoot a designers entire jewelry line in one shot and it ROCKED!  I was reading a blog about someone who wanted to make an Hermes Scarf into a pillow and I immediately thought of Carlyne who could style an Hermes scarf 1000 ways.  I wanted to show you some pictures of her vision - Never Enough - I am still in awe! 


  1. Love this!!! Nice post great pics! x

  2. 1. as a former stylist, without nearly an amazing eye, I love this post and nod to a creative genious.

    2. if you've had the luxury of breathing the same air as Christy Turlington, I'll die! did you ever have the thrill of meeting her at Vogue???? do tell.

    best - d.
    post script: don't forget, be awesome.

  3. All that fur is really sad :(