Monday, June 13, 2011

Portable Screening Room / outdoor theater cheap and chic

I wanted to have an outdoor movie night and I was going to hire fun to set it up but now I want to do it on my own. Does anyone have a portable projector they can recommend?  

Beyond love this image - where are these chairs from and what are they called - HELP! Via Sunny Peaches
Via Open Air Cinema - I will take the house to :)

Via Day Dreaming In The City Movie night decor idea uncomfortable but looks cool!

Target $199
they have bblow up screens at Target also for the same price.

If you want someone to come set up an outdoor movie night this is your contact Fun Flicks

$54 Via Comfort House


  1. so love that first image, especially the "basket" lights...donna

  2. I am pretty sure the chairs in the first photo are the flip lounger from PBTeen. This is one of their catalog pictures from last year.

  3. Ahhh, your pictures made me daydream about beautiful summer nights watching movies in the park. I love it!!!
    Last movie I watched outdoors was Rear Window, a classic that I've watched a gazillion times, but will always love.
    Thanks for the lovely post!

  4. Omg... Want one sooooo much!!! The nc art museum in raleigh plays movies on their outside walls during the summer, such a great way to spend an evening.

  5. Pottery Barn sells the chairs in the first photo as Chesapeake Futon Lounger:

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