Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Best Fit - Why didn't I think of that?

I really am so sick of shopping to find out that at one store I am a 6 another I'm a 2 another I'm a large another I'm a small! Does this not bother you?
 Enter My Best fit - Think airport scanner that gives you a printout and tells you  what size you are in each store. I would LOVE to try this!


  1. Really.....I think that may make me cringe! I really still love the idea of yelling at someone in my head and saying what terrible fit models they use :)

  2. I am sure I do not want a printed record of my size anywhere, especially not from a public source. Even if they did not have my name I would know my "information" was out there. Yuk.
    Although if it made mfrs aware there are more size 12s than size 2s...
    Nope - I would avoid them regardless.

    Maybe we should change "sizes" to measurement labels. (Still painful but more accurate.)